Top 14 businesses to make money in Nigeria 2023

Are you school dropout, Graduate, business man/woman, students? that need a good business to invest with low Capital, this article is for you

Are you Looking for ways to make money with N10,000 capital in Nigeria? Are you discouraged by insufficient Capital?

Here we will educate you on the businesses that can give you better profit regardless the capital at hand.

Sometimes one will like to venture into a particular business but cannot due to some factors which can be lack of profitable ideas to inadequate time. However  one primary cause of this problem is insufficient capital.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to make ends meet considering the state of Nigeria’s economy.

Below, I have outlined 14 effective ways in which Nigerians can make money both online and offline, with a capital of N10,000.



Popular websites such as Bella Naija and Linda Ikeji started off as mere blogs before blooming into million-Naira businesses.

You too can join the bandwagon and create your own blog where you can discuss stimulating topics that will garner you a large number of readers.

As your blog grows into a household name, companies from around the world may feel obliged to partner with you or advertise on your website.

N10,000 can be used to register a domain name on websites like web4africa, you can also get website templates are for free on WordPress or Blogspot.

Sell Hand-Made Jewelry Online

If you are an artistic person, feel free to sell your handmade products on E-commerce websites such as Konga or Jumia.

Beautifully crafted jewelry such as bracelets, headbands, and necklaces are great accessories to be sold online, especially now that beauty and fashion are dominating industries.

Materials such as beads, wires, and needles are relatively cheap and can be bought at markets for N10,000 or less.

Website Designing

This is vastly becoming one of the most promising businesses for young entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

All you need to have is a deep and strong understanding of online processes, marketing strategies, SEO tactics, and legal guidelines.

This is cost-effective, futuristic, gainful and customer-focused.

You can use N10,000 to build a strong portfolio for potential clients.

Become a YouTuber

Nigeria’s Toke Makinwa started off as a YouTuber and now her career has blossomed into something extremely enviable.

Making videos online can turn from a hobby to a full-time business, but only if you do it the right way.

Are you confident in front of cameras or do you speak, act, or sing well?

Becoming a YouTuber (or Vlogger) can be a great way to earn some good bucks!

As a content creator on YouTube, you can make around $18 per 1,000 views.

Find a topic that is interesting to discuss and make your videos unique and exceptional.

Before you know it, your bank account will be swarming with dollars as your viewers keep increasing.

You can start recording videos through your smartphone or laptop, while capital of N10,000 can be used to purchase items in relations to your content, e.g. Buy makeup, speakers, music or DIY accessories.


As bizarre as this sounds, Instagram is now the next best place to make some money.

Many popular Instagram accounts now charge people to advertise on their pages because of their large number of followers.

For instance, @Instablog9ja or @KraksTV who have managed to garner more than 2.1 million+ and 1.7 million+ followers (respectively) on their Instagram profiles have started charging people a particular fee to advertise on their pages.

They can do this because of the large number of users that see their posts every day.

If you are an interactive and bubbly person who knows how to entice followers quickly through your content, you too can create a fun Instagram account and eventually start advertising through it.

Freelance Writing

If you are a good writer, you can make money off writing articles for certain websites who pay their freelance writers a particular sum of money.

Listverse pays $100 per article, while A List Apart pays $200.

Find which website suits your writing style and get creative!


House Cleaning Services

If you are a neat freak and enjoy cleaning, this may be an ideal moneymaker for you.

Make arrangements with residents in your neighborhood, firms and office branches who may be in need of labor for tidying up spaces, cleaning carpets and polishing the furniture.

After services, collect a particular amount of commission from them.

N10,000 capital can be used to buy new cleaning utensils such as mops, brooms, detergents etc.

Become an Air BnB Host

Airbnb is available in Nigeria; hence it stands as an ideal and easy way to make money without having to “work”.

Air BnB is a company that helps people, especially travelers, to list, find, and rent lodging in any city.

If you live alone or have an extra room in your house that you would like to spare, this could be a good business to venture into.

Become an Airbnb host by renting out your spare room to travelers, guests or foreigners for a certain amount of money during a fixed period of time.

N10, 000 capital can be used to lightly renovate and clean up space, while you can go ahead and register yourself as a responsible host on the Air BnB website.

People visiting your area, who don’t have enough money for a good hotel, can pay you to occupy your free space instead.


You may not be able to rent your own space with N10,000 but you can become a mobile hairdresser.

Just like how celebrities invite makeup artists to their houses to do their makeup for big events, people can also call you over to their houses to help them get their hair done.

Learn the art of braiding, fixing weaves, relaxing and washing hair, and if you’re exceptional at it, this might be your big break.

Create a business card and ensure that clients book you through phone calls or emails.

Plantain chips

Plantains are relatively inexpensive foodstuffs; hence, making chips with them can be considered an effective and profitable job.

Plantain chips are also amongst one of the most popular roadside foods in Nigeria, and it is widely consumed by pedestrians and drivers during traffic and pick-periods on the road.

Buy and fry a bunch of raw plantains in the comfort of your home and season them uniquely.

Because this is a food-related business, you might want to produce a small amount first and test them out.

Distribute some packs to your neighborhood friends and family to see if your chips suit their taste.

If their feedback is positive, then consider yourself the next plantain chips tycoon.


Do/did you excel at a particular school subject?

Put your intelligence into good use by starting a tutoring business where you can teach young students and charge them a standard fee for every lesson.

Academic tutoring can fetch you good money because education is a fundamental right and many students are in dire need of an extra push, especially those in exam classes.

If you’re good at Mathematics, Chemistry, English etc., offer your services to students around you, starting from family friends or the children of your colleagues or associates.

Schedule a time and day in which you would teach them and agree on a fee, either with the students or their parents.

You aren’t also limited to academic tutoring.

Can you play a musical instrument?

Can you draw or paint well?

Are you good at makeup?

Are you highly skilled at a specific sport?

Whatever your niche may be, spread the talent to those who may be eager to learn.

N10,000 capital can help you buy basic items like helpful textbooks, musical instruments etc.

Car Wash

With the growing number of cars on the road of Nigeria, it is rather wise to venture into this area of business.

Considering that cars go through dirty roads and dusty areas, they need periodic washing to preserve its polished look.

If you don’t have land to use as a car wash center, start with your own compound or find customers that you can offer a home or mobile car wash service to, where you go to them and offer your services at their leisure.

Own poultry

Poultry is a convenient business that can be started from your backyard with a starting capital of N10,000.

This can cover a handful of birds, the pen, feed, and medication.

One bird can give you an average of 730 eggs within 2years and after this, you can sell it off for N500 or so, depending on the size.

Festive periods such as Easter, EID-il-Kabir, Eid-il-Fitri, and Christmas and New Year celebrations stand as great periods to make larger sums of money.


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