Timing: the secret to every success to every Nigeria student

Timing: the secret to every success to every Nigeria student; 

Timing is very important in other to achieve any planned success in life, in academic aspect of life, one need to understand the how and when to take a study to overcome failure in his/her academic pursuit. This article is mainly to highlight the effective’s tips and measure to be considered when reading a book(s) for better understanding. Since reading is one of the difficult works to do and it consume a lot of time of the reader, it is sometimes painful that after wasting the time, you find it difficult to understand the objectives or achieve your purpose. The rest article below will practically assist you on how overcome such situation in any condition.

How to Read and Understand the Topic

  1. Try to understand the heading or title of the topic: It is important to have a clear understanding of the title of any massage you are reading through so that when you forget some part of the information or cannot be able to continue during exam, you immediately recall the actual meaning of the topic then this will help you to continue your writing.
  2. Retell the information in your own words: To escape from this unfortunate of missing up the information, you need to retell or convert the information with your own words. With this method you will always remember the summary of the information.
  3. Learn the most necessary information: If the article at hand is too large, then all you have to do is to decide on what you need to know and do away with the rest.
  4. Visual art: Visual art in this case is fixing each or part of the information with a particular image around you. If at any point you forget the information, you only need to remember the image and remember it completely.
  5. Choose the most reliable material: This is to tell you that you need to study with current material not outdated ones. With this you will have clear information in a more simplified language.


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