NSCDC Civil Defence CBT Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers PDF Download

NSCDC Civil Defence Past Questions and Answers PDF Download for CBT Exam Aptitude Test

NSCDC Civil Defence Past Questions and Answers PDF Download for CBT Exam Aptitude Test – Do you wish to be shortlisted after the NSCDC screening Test, if Yes This article covers the full NSCDC Civil Defence Past Questions and Answers to enable everyone that registered for the NSCDC Recruitment to get insight of what the examination will look like.


This is the second stage of NSCDC recruitment exercise. The essence of Aptitude Test is to evaluate the candidates for a better screening and selection of most qualified ones for the next stage. As the number of persons that applied for a particular job increases or exceeds the number of applicants required, aptitude test is used to reduce the numbers.

Nigeria Civil Defence NSCDC Past Questions and Answers for CBT Exam Aptitude Test

Subjects or Areas to read in preparation for NSCDC Past Questions and Answers

The test sections include:

  1. Quantitative reasoning questions 
  2. Verbal Reasoning
  3. Spatial / Abstract reasoning
  4. General knowledge/ Current affairs.

(Occasionally, some field specific questions may appear under the general knowledge section of the test depending on what position the candidate apply for.)

When is NSCDC Recruitment Aptitude Test or Examination for 2022/2023

The date for NSCDC Aptitude Test will commence immediately after a week of ending NSCDC Recruitment Exercise. You need to prepare for the aptitude test before the date.

Nigeria Civil Defence NSCDC Aptitude Test Past Questions And Answers

The Civil Defence Likely Aptitude Test Past Questions & Answers

Below are sample questions from past NSCDC recruitment aptitude test

Obi was very inquisitive during the lecture and was always asking question.

  1. Interested
  2. clever
  3. queer
  4. curious
  5. active

Mrs. Agu had to mend her basket before going to market this morning

  1. Make
  2. weave
  3. get
  4. sew
  5. repair

The NSCDC was formally known as

  1. Lagos Civil Defence Committee
  2. Nigerian Blue Army
  3. Federal Defence Corps

Defence and Protection Corps of Nigeria

Download full NSCDC Questions and Answers CLICK HERE

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