Npower Batch C January payment 2023| See Update

Npower Stipend Payment 2023: See When you will be Paid your Stipend

Npower January Stipend Payment 2023: See When you will be Paid your Salary-On this article, we have provide the solution base on January Stipend Payment 2023 and answer some your question concerning the delay of December Stipend Payment 2023. We are glad you are getting this information from the right source. What could be your question, now worry no more because the answers are right here.


When will Npower pay January Stipend to Npower Beneficiaries?

In our discussion today regarding Npower Stipends payment, we will be updating on what Npower management said regarding the payment of the December stipend. So read on! We noticed that a lot of the Npower batch C beneficiaries have been clamoring for the payment for their December stipend, so we decided to create this post in other give you the latest update on when to start expecting January Salary Payment.

According to Nasims, the payment of the January stipend has initiated and payment will begin soon. However, patient is needed while you wait for the payment to pass through the required processes, Nasims said this while it apologizes for the delay in payment.

For those of you who are still having failed payment issues in the past payments, you can reach the Nasims support team via below email and numbers:


Phone numbers: 018888148, 092203102

Meanwhile, January 2023 stipends payment has been initiated after the payment of December has been paid to avoid payment error. While you wait, it is very important that you take your Duties at the place of your primary assessment seriously in order to gain more job experience.

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