November Happy wishes for Friends and Love ones 2022| Happy new month wishes

Happy New Month Messages for Friends and Loved Ones

As October ends and the beginning of November is on the horizon, you would love to send happy new month messages to greet people. Be it your friends, family, lovers, colleagues, and so on, we have got the perfect message for you to welcome them into the new month. You can choose from any of our well-written and creative new month messages below:

New opportunities and new purposes for every one of us

A new month constantly presents new challenges, new opportunities and new purposes for every one of us. My wishes for you are that you surmount any challenges in this month that any new opportunities the month offers will lead to your success and prosperity. Happy New Month, my friend!

Welcome to the new month

Hey friends! Welcome to the new month! It is my heart desire that you meet your daily goals and remain happy throughout the month. May God bestow peace on your soul; bless you with strength, with love from both friends and family, and with every good thing of life. Happy New Month!

November another period of progress

As this new month starts, may it be the start of greater things in your life. May the new month usher in another period of progress, good health and happiness for you. Happy New Month, my friend!

Don’t dwell on bad memories

This is the beginning of a new month! Don’t dwell on bad memories, long days and nights of last month. Now is the time to move on and aspire for the best. May your today be brighter than yesterday; tomorrow than today; and this new month than last month I wish you a happy New Month and better days ahead.

Your joy will be full

Welcome to the new month! Your joy will be full; songs of victory will never stop coming out of your mouth, and every one of your past failures will transform into successes in this month. I wish a happy New Month, my friend!

Unexpected favours and experience unprecedented

May you get unexpected favours and experience unprecedented success in this new month. May the new month be a bearer of new good things for you — good health, good news, good career progression Happy New Month! Have a pleasant new month!

My heart desires for you

As a new month starts today, my heart desires for you are that you’ve several reasons for celebrations, that you enjoy goodwill from people around you and that you experience every kind of success. Happy New Month!

Pleasant new month, my friend!

Hey, dear! Because of our busy day-to-day schedules, we never get enough time to enjoy each other’s company. I hope we can spend some time together! I wish you a lot of happy moments, a lot of successes, peace and sound health. Have a pleasant new month, my friend!

Happy New Month Messages (Greetings) for Your Lover

  1. Wishing my beloved, the sun that lights up my world, a happy new month! Thank you for your love, your care and for being a part of my life!
  2. To my special one, my prince charming, the person who lights up my world and gives me hope when there is none: I wish you a new month filled with love, happiness, good health and all good things of life!
  3. A wonderful month is my wish for my lovely queen, the damsel that makes my life complete with her angelic touch and presence; you swept me off my feet the first I met you and you still dazzle after 13 months of being together. Have a pleasant month, my love!
  4. May this month usher in a new period of courage, of love, of prosperity, of unprecedented success for us. Happy New Month, love!

New Happy New Month Messages and SMS for Loved Ones

Of course, you are holding your mobile phone but thinking of the right words to text your friends or everyone in your group, here you go:

  • Whatever the new month is bringing for you, be it good or bad; always keep that smile on your face no matter what.
  • The new month comes with new possibilities. It’s your time to meet all the unknown and unseen possibilities in life.
  • Wind is blowing, birds are chirping and trees are whispering in my ear that new days are coming. So be ready my friend to embrace what’s new in your life.
  • My prediction for you for the new month is if you had a bad month so far, it’s going be a good one. And if you had a good one, it’s going be even a better one.
  • May the coming month bring all the happiness and pleasure for you and your family. May your life become even more colourful than it was ever before!
  • May God Almighty showers you with all the love, peace and keeps you and your family always close to him. I wish you all the best for the upcoming month.


Happy New Month Messages for November

  1. Today is 1st November…

Can you imagine… today is 1st November… Thank God we made it… may God establish you this month.

  1. Month of favour

November marks d end of every hour. Let all your blessings that are hanging anywhere descend on you this November. May the month favour you in Jesus name.

  1. 30 Days more to a new year, 335 days gone in your present past. May you reap everything new this month? May you accomplish more this month and may every pending blessing reach you FAST. Welcome to November.


  1. Fabulous and splendid month

I wish you a fabulous and splendid month. “November” the season of celebration, may the amazing breakthrough And double portion of joy abide with you now and forever
happy new month

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